Traveller Carbon - 5 Pair NB Instructor Starter Pack

5 Pair Traveller Carbon Instructor Starter Pack

The Traveller Carbon will help you experience new roads, trails, meadows and hills no matter where you go. This three-section pole has a pack size of only 62 cm (24.5 inches) so it easily fits in most suitcases. The innovative Trigger Shark system with breathable mesh strap, the proven Speed Lock 2 locking mechanism and ultra light and rigid 100% Carbon shafts make these poles a high-tech all around favorite.

  • Grip: Trigger Shark 2.0 -> 2-Component
  • Strap: Trigger Shark -> Frame Strap Mesh
  • Shaft Material: 100% Carbon -> HM
  • Upper Section: 100% Carbon -> HM
  • Lower Section: 100% Carbon -> HM
  • Shaft Diameter: 16|14|12 mm
  • Segments: 3-pieces
  • Tip (included): Flex Tip -> Short, Power Grip Pad
  • Basket: NW | Micro
  • Speed Lock 2 Locking System
  • Construction: Adjustable
  • Length: 90-130 cm (Infinitely adjustable)
  • Packed Size: 62 cm
  • Weight: 195 g

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